“I’m still not sure quite sure about all of this…” art by KM Criddle



What is Slush Pile Press?

SP2 is an editorial and content development company for children’s book creators, serving publishers, literary agents, authors and illustrators.
 What in the name of E.B. White is a “slush pile” anyway?

Good question! The slush pile is a publishing industry term that refers to the stack of submissions received by a literary agent or publisher. In publishing houses, the slush pile is comprised of submissions from creators who have no agency representation, and usually, no published books to their credit. At a literary agency, the slush pile refers to any manuscript or illustrations submitted by an author or artist who is seeking representation for their creative work.
What’s with the dog?

Dogs are curious and devoted. And like our curious and devoted slush puppy mascot, SP2 is an enthusiastic seeker and developer of quality content for young readers.
Hey, I’m talented. Why do I need SP2? Why not just try and do this thing on my own?

Raw talent and ability aren’t enough. Understanding the role of agents and publishers, and how to reach readers before your work is published is crucial to building a brand in today’s ever-changing book market. Ours is a deeply collaborative industry and the difference between a good book or a great book, rejection or publication is partnership. Publishing is big business with many players and unspoken rules. By teaming up with SP2, creatives can leverage my depth of resources. Beyond editing of your work, I can help by connecting newcomers to agents, children’s publishing houses, important review publications, as well as published authors and illustrators to expand their networks.
How can Slush Pile Press help agents and publishers?

As children’s book editor, author, and copywriter, I collaborate with editorial departments, marketing teams, and publicists. I draft reader’s reports, write acquisition proposals and marketing pitches, as well as provide copywriting services for jacket flaps, catalogs, and presentations.
How did Slush Pile Press begin?

I started Slush Pile Press because one of my first jobs in a children’s trade publishing house, was to screen “the slush pile,” the mountain of submissions from creators who had no agent, and usually, no published books to their credit. It was a daunting task. While most of these works were not of publishable quality, a few were always close, but “not quite there.”  Gosh, those declines were painful to write. Plenty of good books simply need the kind of attention that increasingly taxed publishing houses lack the time or resources to offer. Children’s publishing is more popular than ever. Busy editors and marketing teams don’t have time to write copy and screen submissions, while also editing and promoting the books they have already acquired. As a freelance team member, I can pitch in as needed.
Is Slush Pile Press a publisher?

Not yet! For now, SP2’s focus is content development, partnering with creators, both established and unproven, to help them realize their publishing goals.
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(Our dapper Slush Puppy mascot is designed by the incomparable K.M. Criddle)