Children’s Lit News for the week of 8-28-15

Hey y’all,
It has been an interesting week in the children’s book biz, let me tell you, from the wild success of a self-published book, to a re configuring of the New York Times Bestsellers list, and a bad ass book trailer debut. Now that the dust has settled, here’s what you shouldn’t miss:
1.  A self-published European pic book, THE RABBIT WHO WANTED TO FALL ASLEEP, was reportedly bought by a US publisher for rumored SEVEN FIGURES.
Yeah, let THAT soak in for a moment, then take a look at the jacket:

Understandably, there is skepticism around the meteoric rise of this title that I definitely share. For one, the author claims the book is guaranteed to make any child fall asleep – um, hyperbole much? Secondly, SEVEN FIGURES FOR A PICTURE BOOK?! I mean that’s awesome on one hand, but this isn’t a book from Donald Crews, Mo Willems, or Molly Idle, for crying out loud. Take a look at the jacket. Is this a million dollar book? I don’t think you have to be an industry insider to see that the answer is no. Regardless of the unconfirmed rumors about the huge payout, the book has some challenges. For more on the reality of this book’s insane Internet buzz click here.
Let’s move on.
2.  Given the above, I’m more grateful than ever for the fiercely independent readers over at The Horn Book, who have kicked off a killer new newsletter:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 11.11.21 AM


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3.  According to the Publisher’s Weekly newsletter, Children’s Bookshelf, these are some of the highly anticipated titles coming out next week:

image: Children's Bookshelf

image: Children’s Bookshelf



The newspaper is now separating hardcover middle grade and young adult titles from paperback and e-book bestsellers. Hardcover lists will appear in the print edition, while paperback and e-book lists will be available online. Pamela Paul, editor of the New York Times Book Review explains the benefit of the change: “I think in this new reconfiguration, you’ll see a lot more newly published hardcover fiction,” she said. “Just like book reviews, the bestseller lists are another place for discovery. It will be useful for readers, too.”
5. Finally, my friend and uber talented Harper Collins YA novelist Mackenzi Lee released the book trailer for her September 22 debut, THIS MONSTROUS THING just yesterday. If only all book trailers could be this cool. ENJOY!

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